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Monday, March 11, 2013

knitting project

It's always an excited day when I get an etsy order. Today I sold a quilted mug rug and now have a few ideas to design some of my own. This winter I took on the project of learning how to knit and completed a blanket for our new baby due in just 10 short weeks. I wanted a better picture but the sun just doesn't seem to want to shine for me so that I can get a few good pics. This is a simple pattern that I found on, it's called the sunny baby blanket. That name doesn't really go with the color that I picked but with not knowing what the baby is going to be a gray is neutral and so popular right now that it fits right in. It's one of the few things that I have been able to make lately. So far I've made my cloth diapers, and fleece soakers, but other than that I haven't done much planning besides finding things to make after the baby is born.